Queen Bay

QueenBay now operates from both the UK and the US.

If you are in the US please visit www.queenbayusa.com

You can also join our dedicated members only Facebook Group and start saving today! 

Current weekly member benefits include 10+ "Gimme The Prize" draws,  discounted items up to 75% off, exclusive and new releases and much more!  You will also receive 15% off eBay orders and 10% off QueenBay orders while you are a member. 

Purchase an annual membership today for just £49.99

We offer a 5 day free trial with every subscription. If you decide the group is not for you, you can simply cancel within 5 days.

We are now serving over 100 members in our exclusive Facebook Group!

QueenBay gave away over £5000 worth of Queen items in 2020!

The Mercury Phoenix Trust will receive 10% from all auctions. Current total as of June 22nd - £715 (To be donated at Queen Conventions)

NEW Feature - Birthday Prize Wheel! A chance to win one of 100+ prizes including a whopping £50 credit!

Once you have signed up, please request to join the group HERE