WIN a copy of Queen's Greatest Hits II on BLUE vinyl!

WIN a copy of Queen's Greatest Hits II on BLUE vinyl!

QueenBay's exclusive Facebook Group is now home to over 100 VIP members who have the opportunity each day to win and save on Queen items. Please see HERE for more information.

To mark the release of Greatest Hits II on double BLUE vinyl, I will be giving a copy away FREE to members on June 19th.

If you would like the chance to win, you can join us today and start saving.

We are now serving over 100 members in our exclusive Facebook Group!

QueenBay has given away over £1100 worth of Queen items so far in 2020!

Current weekly member benefits include 7+ Gimme The Prize draws, 14+ auctions, 14+ "Discount of the Day" items up to 75% off and more! You will also receive 15% off all QueenBay & eBay orders while you are a member.  (QueenBay auctions excluded)

Receive £1 credit for each time you reach the "Final 6" for Gimme The Prize! 

The Mercury Phoenix Trust will receive 10% from all auctions. Current total as of May 19th - £617.50 (To be donated at Queen Conventions)

NEW Feature - Birthday Prize Wheel! A chance to win one of 50 prizes including a whopping £50 credit!


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I would love to win this vinyl because l just bought a turntable and l only have one queen vinyl album and l can’t find any more queen vinyls.

Maria Rodriguez

please let me win

sal guli

I would love to win the vinyl

Susan Hughes

I love Queen, I saw them in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1977 and 1981 I never ever seen a show like that and never will again ✌🙏

James pearce

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