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Queen Fan's Favourite Album Poll

Posted by Jamie Mears on

A Freddie Mercury fan page with over 1.8 million followers on Facebook (run by QueenBay) has been asking fans to vote for their favourite Queen album via a series of polls. Thousands of votes have been cast and we are almost at the semi finals!












The fifteen studio albums were drawn at random and here are the results so far.

Round 1

A Day At The Races 59% - 41% Made In Heaven

The Game 78% - 22% Hot Space

Queen II 77% - 23% Jazz

Flash Gordon 8% - 92% A Night At The Opera

Queen 37% - 63% News Of The World

The Miracle 53% - 47% Sheer Heart Attack

Innuendo 49% - 51% A Kind Of Magic

The Works - BYE

The Game is 40 this year. Is this your favourite Queen album?

The Game is 40 this year. Is this your favourite Queen album? 


Quarter Finals

The Game 50.4% - 49.6% The Miracle

A Night At The Opera 76% - 24% News Of The World

A Day At The Races 34% - 66% Queen II

A Kind Of Magic vs The Works (In Progress) You can vote HERE

Do you agree with the results so far? There have been some extremely tight results as we continue towards the final. In the end... There Can Be Only One!

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  • Not my favourite album, but ‘sheer heart attack’ should of never of gone out to ‘the miracle’.

    Wayne Page on
  • Queen II

    PETR on
  • Queen II

    Dale Penney on

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