June - Our Biggest Month Yet!

June - Our Biggest Month Yet!

QueenBay's Members Only Facebook Group continues to grow and there are now over 100 fans and collectors signed up to take advantage of the numerous benefits.

QueenBay has given away over £1300 worth of Queen items so far in 2020!

Current weekly member benefits include 12+ "Gimme The Prize" draws, 6 x "Put It All Down To Luck" Games, 18+ "Discount of the Day" items up to 75% off and more! You will also receive 15% off all eBay orders while you are a member.  You also receive a Birthday Prize Spin with the chance to win CDs, vinyl and credit up to £50!

Receive £1 credit for each time you reach the "Final 6" for Gimme The Prize! Over £250 of credit to be won each month!

The Mercury Phoenix Trust will receive 10% from all auctions. Current total as of May 19th - £617.50 (To be donated at Queen Conventions)

June 19th - Queen Greatest Hits II Blue Vinyl 2LP GIVE AWAY! Don't miss the chance to win this upcoming LP for FREE!

Auctions have now been added to the website - for members only.

If you wish to sign up you can do so HERE.  All memberships have a free 5 day trial before payment is taken, so if you decide that the group is not for you, you can simply cancel your membership.

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