About our popular VIP Facebook group

About our popular VIP Facebook group

QueenBay launched a private, members only group on Facebook on January 1st and fans and collectors can join from just 9p per day! 

QueenBay gave away over £350 worth of Queen items to members in January alone!

6 weeks on, our group is 75+ members strong and we have created a unique, fan community. Photos below are of members orders.

There are daily prize draws, auctions, price drops, discounts and more each week!

Members have already saved the cost of an annual subscription many times over. Money from each subscription goes towards the purchase of stock for prize draws and special offers.

Member Gav writes... "Been a member for a few months now and it is an awesome way of getting hold of those rare and sometimes expensive Queen/Freddie items you may have missed in the past. There are great deals and prizes to be had/won in the group regularly. Really pleased I joined."

If you are a Queen fan who wants to start a collection or add to your collection for a fraction of the price, then please consider giving the QueenBay Members Only Group a try. Each subscription comes with a free 5 day trial. 


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Good job Jamie, he keeps us moving right along with all those great Queen and Freddie stuffs! I love belonging to this great club. Speaking with other members from around the world is a unique experience!

Suzanne Ellis

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